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Motivational Learning SAT Prep for PC. It really works!
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"I was falling behind with my SAT preparation. I was really stressed about the upcoming Math test. With EmuQuest™ I am back on track now, and it is much more fun!
Jennifer S. / 15 /
"EmuQuest really helps me to stay on schedule. If I stay for too long on facebook, it interrupts me and makes me ketch up with my SAT math. It really works!"
Jason D. / 16 /
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Hello Students and Parents,

Let's admit it, preparing for SAT Math is not fun, it is a cumbersome and sometimes even boring work.

EmuQuest is taking entirely new approach to child learning motivation.

EmuQuest is not just another SAT prep package, it is state-of-the-art Motivational Learning system.

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The basic idea is simple. Children and teens like spending time on the computer, playing, browsing, socializing. EmuQuest will make you earn your computer time by working through the SAT prep content. Earned points are converted to the computer time minutes.

You will be in full control, since Emu has a Control Panel where you can specify the time limits, credit-to-minutes conversion rate, and SAT content complexity levels.

Emu will track your progress and provide accurate rating information broken by the subject. As you master the topics, Emu will recommend you additional study contents most appropriate for your current level.
A set of over 2000 math lessons and test problems developed to cover the following areas of SAT Math preparation. Each problem has short explanation helping student to understand the right solution if he provided the wrong answer to the question.

Multi-digit operations
Basic Arithmetic Concepts
Fractions and Decimals
Ratios and Proportions
Lines and Angles
Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons
Counting and Probability
Interpretation of Data
Functions and Graphs